Hiring a Medical Negligence Lawyer

Medical negligence is something which cannot be ignored. Many patients die every year due to negligence; being given the wrong prescription or not being given the proper care by the medical professionals in charge.

These injuries and damages could have been avoided if only the medical personnel assigned to patients did their job properly. If you believe that you have been victimized and are suffering the consequences due to improper care or the negligence of the medical staff, you need to file a medical negligence claim. So, what are the steps in hiring a medical negligence solicitor?

Contact at least 3 to 4 lawyers

Before you make a final decision on which lawyer to choose, it is best to contact at least four lawyers specializing in medical negligence within your area. This is one of the best ways to get a feel for the lawyer’s style, experience and education and whether he or she is a good fit for the case. To get good referrals, it is wise to ask friends and family and also by asking the local  Bar Association.

Avoid lawyer making bold promises

Medical negligence cases are time-consuming, expensive and the most difficult to prove. There are lawyers who make bold promises to clients and this is the type who should be avoided. Avoid guarantees of winning the case or promises of a certain amount of money for your case. A lawyer with experience and repute will not use gimmick or smooth talk to cajole clients into hiring him. Look for lawyers who will present you with reasonable expectations and someone who has a solid background of winning medical negligence cases.


A good lawyer who is worth hiring is someone who is straightforward about fees.  What you want to avoid are fees which magically appear after you win the case. Any lawyer should not charge you fees unless you win your case. For lawyers who choose to take cases with contingency fees should also not charge clients until they help the client win the case.

Specialization in Medical Negligence

The field of law is very broad and most lawyers have multiple areas of expertise. It is important to make sure that the lawyer you hire has medical negligence as one of their expertise. You want someone who knows the intricacies of medical negligence law. This type of lawyer will be able to prove that the care received by the patient was below par when compared to the standards of the medical profession.

Know your attorney

You should feel comfortable with your lawyer when discussing your situation. Medical negligence cases sometimes drag on for years so it is imperative that at least you and your attorney are comfortable with each other.  There should be a bond between attorney and client and the attorney must keep you updated of the case’s progress. If there is any change or news, you should be the first to know.

A medical negligence attorney with a proven track record and integrity who you can get along with is a very important ingredient in winning your case. It will make the process a lot easier and smoother for you.